Sunday, 13 June 2010

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #85

Black Alice produces the best Etrigan rhyme ever!
Bumper week this week following the no-show of my comics last weekend.

  • Booster Gold #33 - understandable that the title's tying in closely with Justice League: Generation Lost and the whole hunt for Max Lord thing, but it was nice seeing the JLI-era League once more.
  • Brightest Day #3 - nice, too, to see J'onn J'onnz being a detective once more, working out who was brought to Earth before him; and is it me or is Ronnie Raymond looking waaaaaaaaaaay younger than ever before?
  • Doom Patrol #11 - oh man, and they thought Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol was weird! This is cool, though, with Ambush Bug helping the team out - the line about "saving that for last" almost got the Cocktail post this week as I literally snorted when I read it!
  • JSA All-Stars #7 - from the cover you'd expect the service to be a closed casket affair as Damage is laid to rest; there's a touching eulogy from Judomaster which runs throughout most of this issue, giving it a quieter, respectful air. Very well done.
    • Co-feature Liberty Belle & Hourman - the good guy / bad guy team up continues to make this an enjoyable story even if it is starting to drag a little.
  • Justice League: Generation Lost #3 - it's Fire's turn to be tricked by Max Lord into becoming a renegade as the team, now with extra Blue Beetle which is always good, continue the hunt. Great line from Ice when she explains she doesn't know what the OMACs are - "I'm pretty sure I was deceased when they showed up the first time!"
  • Justice Society of America #39 - now that, my friends, is a cliffhanger! Excellent issue!
  • PunisherMax #8 - three stories running in parallel this issue with lines being crossed by the end of it.
  • Secret Six #22 - aside from the splendid rhyme quoted above, this issue had several cool moments ranging from the cold with Catman and his father, to the sad with Black Alice and her father, to the funny with Ragdoll . . . just being Ragdoll, really.
  • The Stand: Hardcases #1 - the focus of the story shifts to the bad guys as Flagg begins gathering his troops.
  • Superman: New Krypton Vol 1 - picked up the trade of this pretty much on a whim so will read it over the next few days.
And what made me smile:

Booster Gold stands up for the JLI!

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