Friday, 4 June 2010

Friday Night Fights - There's A Starman Fighting In The Sky

After a brief hiatus, Spacebooger returns with Friday Night Fights!

Anyone remember when James Robinson was spoken of with respect? You know, back when he was writing Starman? Before the whole Justice League: Cry For Justice debacle?

Yeah, me too:

After almost wrecking Opal City, the Mist's son Kyle finally gets to square off against Jack Knight, the reluctant Starman who is (understandably) pissed off about Kyle having killed Jack's brother.

Goaded by Kyle and almost defeated, Jack does something most heroes never do:

He kills the bad guy.

Okay, this fight isn't representative of Starman at all but it makes for a nice reminder of times past.

And remember folks:

This flying high fight first appeared in Starman #3 cover dated January 1995, written by James Robinson, with art by Tony Harris and Wade von Grawbadger whose name I have always loved. The scans come from the trade paperback.

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