Sunday, 22 March 2009

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #29

A Cocktail? I'd like some comics this week if it's all the same to you. There was a paucity this week when I went to collect my comics, hence the ridiculously small list below:
  • Alan Moore's Light Of The Countenance - so God is a TV that talks with an overtly flowery vocabulary, uses portmanteau words and imagery to express hidden truths . . . but can't project that intelligence out to its worshippers? Hmmm, sounds like a God alright;
  • Trinity #42 - Luthor's outburst about using the power to reshape the world and turn it into a paradise; cue philosophical debate on the morals of that idea.
And the thing that made me laugh:
Ah, Plastic Man, the JLA is a poorer place without you.

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