Sunday, 8 March 2009

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #27

My infrequent reviews of the comics I pick up each week - the Cocktail posts - have gone through a couple of formats: concentrating solely on one comic at first, then trying to summarise everything I had.

Both of those approaches took way too much time (I have a life outside reading and occasionally annotating comics) so here's the third version - simple snapshots of something that made me think or laugh or wince and a favourite moment to round it all up.
  • Back To Brooklyn #4 - Garth Ennis really has got something against old ladies in wheelchairs;
  • The Boys #28 - only in this title are decapitated heads used as lethal weapons;
  • Secret Six #7 - wait a moment - when did Sonar II get his original costume back and lose all the metallic implants? Or am I confusing the guy second from left, page 15, panel 1 with someone else? And why am I worrying about this?
  • Strange Adventures #1 - Jim Starlin still has his eye on Hawkman but be warned, Starlin: the continuity people are watching;
  • Terror Titans #6 - So that's where she's been hiding all this time?
  • Trinity #40 - The big three are back but John Stewart's looked better.
And the thing that made me smile this week:


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