Sunday, 1 March 2009

Alan Scott - Jealousy Really Is Green (Lantern)

In this week's Justice Society of America #24 there's an Origins & Omens back-up written by the in-coming writer Matthew Sturges whose writing on Shadowpact and Blue Beetle I've really enjoyed.  There was one panel, though, that caught my eye:
That first line of Alan Scott's: "I wanted to meet with just the core members to discuss what's going on, out in the open."

"Core members" Alan? So who have you got? Wildcat and Flash, those two are no-brainers; Dr. Mid-Nite and Mr. Terrific, the two smart guys on the team; Stargirl and Jakeem Thunder representing the youth/legacy side of things; and Ma Hunkel is there as well . . . for some reason.

So that's the "core members" of the JSA is it, Alan?

What about Power Girl?!  You know, the chairman of the JSA?! Where's she?
That's right, sparring with Magog (and was it just me or is Fernando Pasarin's art in this section just a bit . . . poor?) who seems to be persuading her to leave the JSA.

Power Girl gets her own ongoing series and Alan Scott drops her from the "core members" list.

Jealous much, Alan?


  1. It's a long story, but there were a couple of VERY last-minute changes to this backup that required art actually being altered. Had I been in charge of how this went down, I can guarantee you that I would not have removed the group's chairperson!

  2. Nice to hear it wasn't your decision, Matthew!

    Thanks for leaving a comment - nice to see you over here.

  3. wow the part with power girl looks awesome got more

  4. got more?

    Ummm, you could try reading JSA #24?


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