Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Final Crisis - 1986 Style - Redux

Over the last couple of months I posted scans of a cartoon by Johnny Lowe which I had found in a programme for a 1986 art show held in Birmingham in the UK. I liked the art and how it used then-current characters to gently take a pop at the recent (at that point) Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Before posting it, I searched on the net for a web-site or blog of Johnny's but had no luck.

A few days ago, I was pleased to have an e-mail from him wondering how I got hold of the scans - thankfully he had no problems with me having posted them here on the blog but did ask me to point out that they originally appeared (to quote Johnny's e-mail) in the

"Comics Buyer's Guide, a U.S. monthly magazine that discusses comics (though at the time I did the strips, CBG was a weekly tabloid), and they were all published in the February 28, 1986 issue."

You can see an example in the photo below that Johnny kindly supplied. Someone obviously saw them, photocopied them and pasted them into the programme.

Still, as I said, Johnny was gracious enough to allow me to leave them up on the blog so at least I'm in the clear!

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