Friday, 12 December 2008

Friday Night Fights - The Sound Of One Foot Kicking

Maddeningly busy at the moment, so much so that I missed last week's fight.

Still, enough with the terrible excuses and on with the violence!

Does anyone else remember The L.A.W. (Living Assault Weapons) from 1999? A short, six issue mini-series that reunited the principle Charlton characters again, making some changes to some and - doubtlessly - redefining them for the new millennium.  Anyone?  No?  Just me, then.

In a great twist that no-one saw coming, the ward and teen sidekick of Judomaster, Tiger, turns out to be the villain of the piece who has not only grown a ridiculous beard but has gone mad through use of the serum that allows him "dominion over death and demon!"
With the aid of that, he's been able to capture his old judo master . . . er . . . Judomaster! But while he's been doing the usual "Now that you are captured, here is my origin story," schtick, the impossible appears to have happened:
Free at last to dispense justice in the form of a swift kick to the face. What's the sound of one foot kicking?
KER-CHOKK!  Oh yeah!  Only Judomaster and Spacebooger know that sound!

This serum-snatching, face-kicking, ward-whupping was first seen in The L.A.W. (Living Assault Weapons) #4, cover dated December 1999, written by Bob Layton with art by Dick Giordano and Bob Layton.

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