Monday, 22 December 2008

Final Crisis #5 Annotations Complete

My notes for Final Crisis #5 are up and running at the Annotated Final Crisis site.

Thankfully there's only the one thing I'm having trouble identifying at the moment, though there's still a handul of others from earlier issues over at the Help Needed page.

On the very first page and in the very first panel, there's the trial of Hal Jordan with a jury made up of other Lanterns. On the top row, on the right hand side is a grey/stone faced Lantern that I can't name. I've scanned the image and posted it here - any deas? I've been through the Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps Secret Files & Origins but I've either missed him or he ain't in there.


  1. I think yr missing grey-faced Lantern is - appropriately - Raker Qarrigat, Apokolips' Lantern; I'm sure I saw him on the jury in any case

  2. Hmm, have to disagree there - Qarrigat doesn't have the horn-shapes at the side of his head.


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