Friday, 19 December 2008

Friday Night Fights - Bloodlines?!

Oh yes, that DC summer crossover that most fans would love to forget manages to worm its way on to Crisis On Earth-Prime just for a Friday Night Fight! Bloodlines stumbled through the DCU in 1993 with spinal-fluid sucking aliens accidentally creating new heroes and villains, including this fella - Nightblade!
Green Lantern simply stands by and watches as the new kid takes on one of the monsters with a flying kick. Hope he doesn't get used to those legs of his, though . . .
In amongst the confusing artwork, Nightblade's legs have been torn off at the thigh! Comics weren't for kids back in '93!
And now Green Lantern gets in on the action with a big BLAAASHing hammer to the face!

Who else tears new kids' legs off? Spacebooger!

This dreadful cross-over tie in first appeared in Green Lantern Annual #2, cover dated 1993, written by Gerard Jones with art by Mitch Byrd and Dan Davis.

(Oh, and don't worry - Nightblade's legs grew back! No, seriously!)

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