Friday, 26 December 2008

Friday Night Fights - A Dark Night In Parador

Got a bunch of second- or third-string heroes that nobody really cares about at the moment? Don't know what to do with them? Easy: send them off to a South American country that's currently ruled by a supernatural despot that used to be the embodiment of the Wrath of God.

Yes, it's 1993 and the wholesale slaughter of six characters (seven if you count Peacemaker's sacrifice) in a single issue of Eclipso.
Manhunter shows that despite the size of the gun, it's really the bullets that do the work as he's attacked by a horde of Eclipso-possessed bad guys.
Two noises for the price of one this week as we're told a snapping spine goes KRUNCH. But this . . .
CHUK! is the sound of it all being over for this version of Manhunter.

Who could help him walk again? Spacebooger!

This senseless waste of life first appeared in Eclipso #13, cover dated November 1993, written by Robert Loren Fleming with art by Audwynn Jermaine Newman and Ray Kryssing.

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