Sunday, 19 August 2012

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #192

And that's got to count for something, right?

Things will be a bit quick this week - normal service should be back next Sunday:

BLUE BEETLE #12 - not a bad issue but clearly wrapping things up. Good to see Paco's alive and well again and the Brenda's coming round to Beetle being a better guy than first thought. Hopefully it won't be long before we see Jaime again.

CAPTAIN ATOM #12 - another wrap up issue as Captain Atom comes to realise he's probably not going to be able to have a normal life any more and heads off to the moon (once again calling Dr Manhattan to mind.)

CROSSED: BADLANDS #11 - the other people in Edmund's town are forced to realise he was telling the truth about the geeks and while they valiantly attempt to make a stand, that all goes south very quickly.

FATALE #7 - Josephine's influence over men continues to cause her problems - or at least start to store them up - as Miles finds himself willing to do just about anything for her. Oh, and there's a bad guy coming back into the frame as well.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #12 - the Alpha Lanterns get their collective behinds handed to them by the rest of the Corps, particularly when one of their own turns against them. Meanwhile, those pesky Guardians are in their citadel, plotting and scheming. It's all going to go terrible wrong for Guy, John and the others but this story's darn good.

GREEN LANTERN #12 - Black Hand gets a bit of a shock when his beloved Book of the Black not only tells him that Jordan isn't his enemy, but that Jordan's going to be the greatest Black Lantern! That doesn't bode well for Hal but does explain why he's not starring in the forthcoming Third Army story arc. Another darn fine issue.

SAUCER COUNTRY #6 - here we get a field guide to UFOs as Professor Kidd runs us through the history of the phenomena, offering up a series of very good questions which boil down to: why are aliens interested in us? Splendid stuff.

And what made me smile:

That neatly sums up The X-Files.

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