Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Perusing Previews - August 2012

Subtlety - noun - 1) the state or quality of being subtle; delicacy 2) a fine distinction or the ability to make such a distinction 3) something subtle 4) a word never used at Eros Comix.

The Thirst Avenger - ah, can you see what they did there? Am I the only one who thinks Cap would balk at being associated with a bottle opener? I see that, I think beer and I don't think Cap's big on beer.

While I'm not getting any of the Before Watchmen titles, I have to admit that the cover to Dr Manhattan #2 is gorgeous.

All hail the Hypnotoad! You will buy this vinyl figure! Buy it now and worship the Hypnotoad!

I'm thinking I might treat myself and actually buy this.

Oh dear lord, they've finally released it. And that pattern on the toast - a very poor photoshop effect.

And the strap line: "Hurm.... your toast." That doesn't make any sense. Are they asking us to "Hurm" our toast? When did "Hurm" become a verb? Have you hurmed your toast this morning?

Should it be "Hurm.... you're toast."? Or are they going for a Homer Simpsonesque sound of pleasure and anticipation? If so, surely "Hurm.... toast" would suffice?

Am I thinking too much about this?

Damn it. Now I want some toast.

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