Saturday, 1 October 2011

Where's What's Her Name? Week 4

DC have dropped cameos of this person:

from Flashpoint #5 into all the new #1's coming out this month.

Here's where she turned up in the issues I got this week:

For the first time, I've felt the need to highlight her as the colouring in All Star Western, while gorgeous, doesn't let her stand out:

At the right hand side in Aquaman:

Probably the hardest to spot of all of them, this one's from Firestorm:

Looking on while Kyle Rayner gets made fun of by a kid:

Not exactly hidden in the full page of The Savage Hawkman:

Tucked in the trees behind a cop in Teen Titans:

And lurking in an alleyway in Voodoo:

Who is this mysterious woman, this Lady Flashpoint? Will she appear throughout the #2 in October? No idea, but I'm going to guess she'll be linked in with whatever the next big DC event is.


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