Friday, 21 October 2011

Catwoman Controversy Continues

After all the heated discussion on the internet the other week about Catwoman and Batman getting it on in a manner some deemed too graphic, I'm shocked to have to tell you that there's more.

As part of a hideous crossover between Batman and the Simpsons titles, we're left with this:

Click to embiggen
Shocking, isn't it?

This splendid parody comes from the Line It Is Drawn challenge over at CBR by the artist Michael “Mic?” Magtanong.

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  1. i saw those last couple of pages in Catwoman #1 and i'm just hearing for the first time about that there's been complaints about it. what a bunch of basement dwelling whiners who have nothing better to do all day then belly ache on the net! next to the Catwoman sex scene complainers the people bitching about Waller's weight loss and Harley's outfit almost look cool.


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