Saturday, 22 October 2011

More Ships Than You Can Count

Snell over at Slay, Monstrobot... has already picked up on one aspect of the secret files and origins confidential information written by Geoff Johns at the back of this week's Justice League which purports to be a transcript of a conversation / interrogation between Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor but something else caught my eye right at the start of it, in the second paragraph:

You read that? Trevor has "saved over twenty-three lost ships"

How many more? One or two? Then why not say twenty-four or -five? Ten more? What's wrong with saying thirty-three?

If it was "saved over fifty lost ships" or "saved over a hundred lost ships" I could understand but who the hell stops counting at twenty-three?

Apparently Geoff Johns does. I wonder if he has trouble keeping track of the "over one series" he's writing for DC at the moment.

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