Thursday, 4 November 2010

Mixed Signals?

Okay, this may have been more timely if I'd posted it last weekend but hey, I only found it yesterday.

So, it's Halloween at the offices of the Daily Planet and the whole regular crowd have dressed up:

Jimmy Olsen's dressed as Superman (oh, the irony); Cat Grant as Power Girl; Ron Troupe as Mr Terrific; someone as Zauriel and possibly Blaze (more irony!) and the ever irascible Perry White who hasn't bothered.

But who's that, over on the right of the picture?

It's Clark Kent - too busy with a story to dress up - and his wife Lois Lane.

Dressed as Wonder Woman?!

Am I the only one who finds that weird? This is a recent story and Lois knows all too well that Clark is Superman and yet she dresses up like his Amazonian fellow Justice Leaguer?! And in case you think her costume's just for the "Mayor's soiree", she still wearing it later at home:

I really don't want to even hint at the world of fan-fiction here but they're a married couple, he's going to find her attractive and she's dressed like his friend Wonder Woman . . .

Just saying, that's all . . .


  1. I like that in the DCU Hallowe'en costume designers get it wrong too. I missed this story, where did it appear, Gary?

  2. Pretty sure it was the Halloween special from 2008.


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