Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday Night Fights - Prize Fight!

This is it - the big prize fight finish to the Free For All rounds and as I won a round of the qualifying twelve fights, I get to participate. So who have I called up to fight for me?

Yep, it's Green Lantern Hal Jordan up against his old foe, Goldface! This was back in the days when the GL rings couldn't affect the colour yellow due to a "necessary impurity" - there's no Parallax here, kids!

After dispatching the minions, Jordan turns his attention to Goldface himself, planning to use some aqua regia he's prepared.

But what's this?!

Goldface has improved his elixir, imbuing his "body with a super-auric energy -- giving me awsome powers over gold!" Man, you just don't get villains spouting that sort of dialogue any more, do you?

With his power ring powerless, Jordan has to rely on his fists:

and when that doesn't work . . .

Not even a wooden beam swung like Willie Mays can overcome Goldface's "awesome powers over gold!" and in moments, the fight ends with Jordan having seen better days:

Now, head over to Spacebooger by clicking on the image below, check out the other fights and then do what you know is right: vote for me!

This golden opportunity to make me the winner of Friday Night Fights first appeared in Green Lantern #48, cover dated October 1966, written by "Golden" Gardner Fox with art by Gil "Awesome Powers" Kane and Sid "Super-Auric Energy" Greene.

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