Monday, 10 May 2010

Underworld Unleashed Unknowns

Months later than planned, I've just about finished annotating Underworld Unleashed over at the Annotated DC Project and will be publishing the notes in a few days or so.

Before I do, I wonder if anyone can help identify the following characters, most of whom appear in the first issue when Neron's attempting to buy their souls.

#1 - guy with a bandana and a mask. - SOLVED! It's Gunhawk (thanks to Billy K)

#2 - the bare chested guy being hit by the Flash. SOLVED! maverick_slayer and brik-el on the DC message boards name him as Purgatory, a low level Green Lantern villain.

#3 - the guy in black on the left (it's not Merlyn as he appears elsewhere on the same page)

#4 - the one with the white eye patch on the left - Billy K thinks this might be Sonar II, a Kyle Rayner villain; possible but I'm going to hold off and see if anyone else offers anything

#5 - female cyborg (though not Cyborgirl) SOLVED! Anonymous identified her as Hi-Tech, a Superman villain.

#6 - guy in blue and white with a moustache who might, as Kara O'Conner suggests, be the Russian Stalnoivolk, or Wintergreen, Deathstroke's ally as suggested by angelicknight on the DC Message Boards.

#7 - guy with his lower face covered by a mask. Anonymous in the comments (and brik-el on the DC message board) suggested it might be Shadow Thief - possible, I suppose, but I can't find any images of Shadow Thief looking like this even after his Neron-induced upgrade. SOLVED! It's confirmed, this is indeed Shadow Thief; thanks to angelicknight for providing the scan.

#8 - the blue guy behind Cheetah.

#9 - guy with a pony tail (not much to go on there I know!) though Kara O'Conner wonders if it might be Kirk Langstrom, aka Man-Bat.

If you can identify any of these, please leave a comment and you'll get your name on the site's Acknowledgements page!


  1. The guy in the bandanna is Gunhawk from Detective Comics #674

  2. Cheers, Billy - that's a great help. One down, eight to go...

  3. #4 is the second Sonar, I believe, who first appeared in Green Lantern #66 during the Kyle Rayner days

  4. Thanks again, Billy - it might be Sonar II but I'm not 100% convinced; if no-one else comes up with anything, I'll stick with that.

  5. This page:

    has a bunch of scans of Kyle Rayner Green Lantern issues but not issue #66. There are some scans of issue #67, but all the Sonars on them seem to be a male.

  6. Cheers, Rottgutt - I know #5 is definitely NOT Sonar but if #4 isn't the same character as #5 then #4 might be Sonar, at least that's what Billy K thinks.

  7. Is #7 Shadow-Thief?

  8. #5 is the Superman villain Hi-Tech

    Her first appearance is

    The face-metal appeared later I think.

  9. Anonymous - Hi-Tech's confirmed, so huge thanks for that; #7 as Shadow Thief? Not sure - I've hunted round but can't find anything definitive yet.


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