Monday, 24 May 2010

Monday Covers #1

Over at the DC Source blog, they're asking readers for their favourite covers of all time - scanning through the replies there's a lot of love for Batman out there, as well as the seminal classic Crisis on Infinite Earths #7.

That post got me thinking about what would my favourite covers are; a few instantly sprang to mind and before I knew it, there I was going through the just shy of 5,000 scanned covers on my PC, picking out a mere handful. Man, that was hard!

While my collection is mostly DC (by a very large margin) I didn't limit the selection to those. All of this is by way of a long preamble to say that each Monday for the next few weeks, I'll be putting up one of my favourite covers in a totally random order. First up:

Justice League America #72
This was towards the end of Dan Jurgens's run on Justice League America back in 1993 and showed a completely different line up on the cover compared with who were members back then which instantly made you go "What the hell?" Couple that with Flash's black costume (which still looks cool) and you have a great cover.

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