Sunday, 15 November 2009

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #60

As I was away last week, this week's Cocktail is yet another bumper sized double issue!
  • The Boys #36 - the violent yet poignantly tinged origin of Mother's Milk comes to a close.
  • The Boys: Herogasm #6 - Ennis's ability to lay sub-plots down that probably won't be referenced or see fruition for years to come is often overlooked by those concentrating on the profanity/violence or humour of his stories. The repercussions of this series will be worth looking out for.
  • Doom Patrol #4 - the Blackest Night comes to the rest of the DCU and there's got to be nothing weirder than fighting your own resurrected corpse as Robotman finds out!
    • Metal Men second feature - oh, I swear, it's like Justice League all over again with these guys! And hey, I'm not complaining!
  • Magog #3 - more Giffen this week and while the main character isn't engaging me fully yet, I'm happy to tag along for Keith's writing.
  • Project Superpowers: Chapter Two #4 - hmmm, that's a different take on Zeus.
  • Project Superpowers: Meet The Bad Guys #3 - kinda strange introducing a bad guy for Samson considering what happened in Chapter Two #4 . . .
  • Red Tornado #3 - ah, the old bad guy fooling newbie ploy. Like that isn't going to back fire on Red Volcano.
  • Secret Six #15 - how cool is it to have John Ostrander writing Deadshot again? And how gratifying is it to have it be a damn good story?
And what made me smile:
Magog tuning out the usual supervillain blabbering!

And here's what I picked up this week:

  • Black Terror #5 - honestly? I thought this series ended last issue. I'd forgotten all about it. Saying that, when it does turn up, it's still pretty good.
  • Booster Gold #26 - nice to see Jurgens hasn't forgotten a couple of things left over from earlier issues (like the whereabouts of Goldstar for example) but at the same time this was something of a sentimental issue; you couldn't help feeling sorry for Booster and his inability to find the right words at Blue Beetle's eulogy.
  • Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle #2 - man, this series just gets better and better!
  • Green Arrow / Black Canary #26 - still don't like Sienkiewicz's art. Sorry.
    • Black Canary second feature - hmmm, you know, for once Kreisberg has me interested again in the story he's thrown together here.
  • Green Lantern Corps #42 - that last page: damn it. I really liked that guy. Yeah, yeah, Hal's the one and only and all the rest of that but I've been with this guy from the start. Crap.
  • JSA vs Kobra #6 - I've really enjoyed this story and it's a shame to see it end.
  • Punishermax #1 - I pay next to no attention to Marvel continuity but isn't Kingpin the long time Daredevil/Spider-Man foe? Does this take place before then or what> Methinks I need to hunt round on the interwebs for the answer . . .
And what made me smile this week:
Steve Dillon, back on the Punisher!

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