Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday Night Fights - What's That On The Sole Of Your Boot?

Crazy broads. Where would comics and hardboiled detective novels be without them, eh? Some you know are going to be trouble just as soon as you clap eyes on them and some you just can't help liking. Most are a combination of the two - just like this gal!

Yep, we're jumping over to Earth-9 this week as well as jumping back to 1998 to go play with the craziest broad of them all, the Joker from the Tangent Earth.

And what's a DC comic without a Justice League pun, eh?

And what a comeback! Who said intellectual discourse was a thing of the past?!

If only that bad guy had read the bottom of her boot he'd know what to expect!

As ever, this mayhem is brought to you on command of Spacebooger - head over there, check out the other fights and remember to vote for your favourite.

The colourful clown in the costume originally appeared in Tangent Comics: The Joker's Wild #1, first published in 1998 (though the scans are from the Tangent Comics Vol 3 trade paperback published in 2008), written by Karl Kesel and Tom Simmons, with art by Joe Phillips and Jasen Rodriguez.

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