Friday, 25 September 2009

Frida Night Fights - Cat vs Bat

It's Friday night and, once again, Spacebooger demands a fight that ends with feet flying and for tonight, I've dug out an oldie:

Some people have a monkey on their backs - Batman's got a cat(woman)!

Wait - Vicki Vale? How old is this fight?!

And okay, it's not a foot, but dammit - a knee to the jaw still counts as a kick in my book!

Remember to head over to Spacebooger and leave a comment to vote for your favourite fight.

This hot cat on bat action was written by Gerry Conway, with art by Don Newton and Afredo Alcala and originally appeared in Batman #355, cover dated January 1983. These scans are taken from The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Volume Two.

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