Sunday, 10 May 2009

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #36

A quote heavy Cocktail this week:

  • The Boys #30 - "Off Iceland, actually." - now that's how you get rid of a problem.
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! #1 - "It ain't just nipples, buddy!" - Willingham and Sturges; I love these guys!
  • Justice Society of America #26 - "He ate the candles too." - ah, that Starman . . . he's just crazy.
  • Marvels: Eye of The Camera #5 - "Storm. With the hair, the outfit." - can't imagine Halle Berry with a white Mohican, somehow.
  • Power Girl #1 - "Work on getting me a doorknob." - this was so well worth the wait!
  • Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #2 - "You weren't eight months pregnant when you left this morning!!" - my brain hurts!
  • Strange Adventures #3 - "Bad guy down. End of story." - oh, Comet, you're so naive at times.
  • Trinity #49 - "What... makes the end of the world like a... Damn... got nothing..." - well I wasn't expecting Krona to do that.
And while there were several things that made me smile or laugh out loud this week, it's got to be Power Girl:

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