Monday, 4 May 2009

Who Is Batgirl?

I don't read the Bat-titles so I've no real idea what's going on over there except when big events - like Batman: R.I.P. - intrude on the DCU. When I saw this over at The Source:
I admit I was a little intrigued. I know about the Oracle: The Cure mini series that's happening (though not what's happening in it) and kinda hope that Oracle doesn't return as Batgirl. She's such a good character as she is that it would be a shame, I think, for her to go back to her old alter-ego.

Is it going to be Cassandra Cain? Don't think so - too easy. So who does that leave?

My completely uneducated guess is it'll be Spoiler. I've no evidence, no grounding, no inside (or outside) information - that's simply a guess.

Of course, not reading the Bat-titles, I won't know if I'm right or wrong!

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  1. One of DC's high muckity mucks said that Cassandra Cain would no longer be part of the Bat Family after Battle For The Cowl. So we can eliminate her.

    Spoiler's a decent guess...Misfit? Huntress? What other females are left? Oh, dear lord, not Talia...


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