Sunday, 5 April 2009

Who'd LIke A Cocktail? #31

No preamble this week, just straight into the comics. Oh, wait - this is a preamble. Damn it!
  • The Boys #29 - "Let's give them a f****n' spankin'." Oh yes.
  • Justice Society Of America #25 - why is Green Lantern giving the big address at the end? Am I the only person who remembers that Power Girl's the chairman of the JSA? I feel like Psycho Pirate at the end of Crisis On Infinite Earths!
  • Masquerade #2 - I really like this series - it's making me think, damn it!
  • Seaguy: Slaves Of Mickey Eye #1 - Da fug?!
  • Strange Adventures #2 - "Lady Styx will then stand supreme!" Talking hair piece of evil!
  • Teen Titans #69 - Man, how many off-colour remarks can the Face make in a single issue?
  • Teen Titans Annual #1 - Deathtrap cross-over? Ah crap, this means I've got to buy Titans. Is Winick still writing that?
  • Trinity #44 - Ha! Kanjar-Ro's going to tape everything and sell it on the internet!
And what made me chuckle this week:
You gotta love that Tyrone.

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