Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday Night Fights - Dark Knight Fights

I admit, I bought it - all three issues of The Dark Knight Strikes Again sit on my shelf and have remained there since 2001 without being re-read once.

Was it naive to think Miller could pull it off, that a sequel to The Dark Knight Returns could be any where near as good as the original? Maybe it was, but that's a thought for another day because all this is simply by way of introduction to One Panel of Pain:
There, my friends, is the only thing worth reading in that mini-series: the goddam Batman whaling on the goddam Man of Steel with huge, goddam gloves of Kryptonite. That was the only thing worth $7.95 in that issue. That and the final page.

Still, enough of me bitching about it - head over to Spacebooger , check out the other fights and leave a comment to vote for your favourite.

This gloriously over the top battle between two former friends appeared in The Dark Knight Strikes Again #1 from 2001, written by Frank Miller with art by Miller and Lynn Varley.

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