Friday, 20 February 2009

Friday Night Fights - Now THAT Is Going To Hurt

A new round of fights begins over at Spacebooger and the theme this time is One Panel of Pain!

No more extended scenes building up to something, Spacebooger demands simply one picture with maximum pain! And trust me, not many things hurt as much as this:
It may not look like much but seriously, every guy can empathise here.

And remember, head over to Spacebooger's site and vote, people - as he says himself:

I would like every participant to stop back between Friday night at 11PM and Sunday night at 11PM to vote for their favorite One Panel of Pain by posting a comment. Voting is encouraged and will be open to all visitors of the site and participants of the round. The winner of the round will be posted the following Tuesday with the Pre-Fight Rules.

So check out his post, read the other fights and vote for your fave.

This example of groinal-foot interaction first appeared in Martha Washington Saves The World #3, cover dated February 1998, written by Frank Miller with art by The Almighty Dave Gibbons.

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