Sunday, 15 February 2009

Final Crisis #7 Finally Annotated

Well, it's done - the notes for Final Crisis #7 are up over at the Annotated Final Crisis site. That just leaves a handful of tie-ins to write up which I should be able to finish sooner rather than later.

There were a few characters that I couldn't identify in this issue - if you know any of those that I mention below, either drop me a line at jigsawmen [atsign] googlemail [dot] com or simply leave a comment below. Any you can identify correctly earn you a mention in the ackowledgements page on the site - what more could anyone ask for?

Here's the one's I need help with:
Page 13 - Panel 2 From the top down are Starman; what could be Gorilla Grodd or Titano; Frankenstein; probably the Question; Red Devil; Power Girl; an unknown with a green top in front of the OMAC robots; Supergirl again; Iman; and Wonder Woman.
Page 18 - Panel 4 Between Superman and Darkseid are Mirror Master and behind him the Human Flame; over Darkseid's shoulder is Captain Cold; behind him is an unknown woman - any guesses?
Page 30 - Panel 2 After the fighting, life gets back to normal. In the offices of the Daily Planet, Perry White (on the right) holds a meeting with his staff. Left to right are Ron Troupe; an unknown with his back to us; another unknown facing us; Clark (Superman) Kent; Lois Lane; and Jimmy Olsen.


  1. The guy in the daily planet frame is likely Steve Lombard, former WGBS-TV Sportscaster, now working for the Planet. That's my guess.

  2. The woman has a raised collar that reminds me only of Plastique, though there must be others.


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