Thursday, 5 February 2009

Final Crisis #6 Annotations Complete

Managed to get the annotations for Final Crisis #6 complete at last and are up at the Annotated Final Crisis site; taken a while as I've just been stupidly busy in work lately.

Anyhow, I'll be starting on #7 as soon as I can and then catching up on the handful of tie-ins left to do.

There's one character I've been unable to identify:

Pages 30-31 - Panel 11    Hourman lays on a table being tended to by Dr Light; on the right behind them are the two Wildcats and the speaker is Dr Mid-Nite. Between them appears to be Atom-Smasher and a figure wearing a head dress. Anyone know who he is:
Thanks to Anonymous in the comments he's been quickly identified as Man-of-Bats.


  1. No idea who that guy is, but I did notice a slight mistake in your chronology. The correct order is: Superman Beyond, Legion of 3 Worlds, Final Crisis #6. After Superman Beyond, Clark is so happy he is beaming, which explains why he is flying around smiling when he is yanked out of the present and into the 31st century at the beginning of Lo3W #1. After the yet to be seen conclusion of that series, Brainiac 5 is unable to send him back to the exact moment he left due to the doomsday singularity, so he sends him back just in time to play around with Bruce's charred corpse at the end of FC #6.

  2. I'd guess that he's Man-of-Bats, the Native American version of Batman from the International Club of Heroes.

  3. Chris - thanks for that; I'll get the corrections made in a moment.

    Anonymous - thanks, Man-of-Bats is spot on!


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