Monday, 5 January 2009

So You Think Catman's Cool?

Gail Simone really surprised everyone a couple of years ago with her successful reinvention of Catman in Villains United and later the Secret Six. It wasn't that long ago that he was simply the straight man for one of the most . . . unusual Green Lanterns:
Yep, back when he was still wearing bright yellow jumpsuits and, frankly, being nowhere near as cool as he is now, G'nort was on his tail.
And you know what they say: birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, dog shaped Green Lantern gotta chase two bit Batman villain!
And where do all good dog-cat chases end up?

Ah, Catman, who'd thought you go on to bigger and better things after this?


  1. I knew that Catman had been mostly a joke the past couple decades or so before Gail turned him around...but my goodness!! What a total sap! This is hysterical!!

    Whatever made Gail think she could turn that into a leading man? The woman is amazing.

  2. I love Catman! I even wrote a song for him and the rest of the Secret Six back in the Infinite Crisis days. Gail is a phenomenal writer- I love what she is currently doing with WW.

    Thanks for the reminder of how far Catman has come!

  3. Thanks guys - when I saw it I just couldn't resist scanning and posting it.

    Glad you enjoyed it!


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