Friday, 2 January 2009

Friday Night Fights - What's A Guy To Do?

It's no holds barred, full-page fighting this week - seriously, every page of Guy Gardner: Warrior #20 was a single panel.

Guy Gardner, armed with the yellow power ring he stole from the corpse of Sinestro (hey, don't ask, okay? This was a while back) takes on that hero turned mad-man, Green Lantern Hal Jordan - now running round as Parallax - above the skies of Oa.
Poor old Guy - for once he's on the side of the angels but there's no hope for him this time round.
Parallax takes Guy's ring leaving him powerless and subject to being sent hurtling to the planet below!
WHACCK! THOOM! That's the sound of Guy's face planting into the sands of Oa, leaving Parallax to try and recreate the universe to his own satisfaction in Zero Hour . . . much like Spacebooger!

This planet kissing battle between former comrades first appeared in Guy Gardner: Warrior #20, cover dated June 1994, written by Beau Smith with art by Mitch Byrd and Dan Davis.

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