Friday, 26 September 2008

Friday Night Fights - Big What Now?

Again, trying to get back into the swing of regular posting, here's my Friday Night Fight, featuring a trip to the Amalgam Universe as Diana Prince goes up against . . .
That's right, folks - BIG TITANIA!  Subtlety didn't exist in the Amalgam Universe, oh no!
"An ungodly ability to inflict pain!" Which basically means she's a big lass and isn't afraid to use it!
But god dammit, no-one's getting in the way of Wonder Woman Diana, not when she's fighting for her baby, no-one . . . except maybe Bahlactus!


  1. I only get to read this blog during FnF (I have too many on the list as it is), but I had to congradulate you for going the Amalgam route. I was hoping Access and the Amalgam universe would be an annual event, but sadly we only get two trips. I wonder if the Amalgam universe will be part of the new Crisis like the Milestone imprint is?

  2. That'd be kinda cool but I doubt it - the legal situation with properties owned by DC and Marvel probably mean we won't be seeing Big Titania or any of the others any time soon.


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