Sunday, 8 June 2008

Need A Little Help Part II

Thanks to everyone who responded by commenting or e-mailing me following the post where I asked for help with Infinite Crisis #2, page 9, panel 2. Between you all, you managed to get most of the unidentified characters.

Steve has pointed out that the ones I'm missing are shown as uncoloured headshots at the back of the collected edition, as well as correctly identifying Cyborgirl.

So, here's the original scene again and who we've identified so far: In the top left (slightly hidden by the speech bubble) is Cyborgirl; the main screens from left to right show Psycho Pirate; Luthor; Ultivac and Mr Poseidon (the robot and a small man on his shoulder); and Sivana; bottom left shows a blond man with goggles and a metal skinned man/robot; going round the desk, the next screen shows Bug and Byte; the last shows a smiling man; and bottom right Colonel Computron. Here's a close-up of the three we're missing:

If anyone can identify them, either leave a comment or mail me.

Big thanks to Steve for pointing this out!

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  1. isn't the one in the middle The Thinker from Checkmate?


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