Friday, 9 September 2011

Where's What's Her Name?

As anyone who reads comic news websites probably knows by now, DC have placed a little Easter egg in all their number 1 issues this month, encouraging us all to find the Strange Mystical Cryptic Lady who first made her appearance in Flashpoint #5, warning Barry that some mysterious THEM were coming:

Sure enough, she turned up in Justice League #1, watching Vic Stone in a football match:

She's off to the right of the picture - fairly subtle when seen on the page. This week's appearances, though? Not so much:

Here she is in Green Arrow:

Note the rather unsubtle red glow around her?

Yeah, she's not really blending in with the crowd in Justice League International, either.

Nor Stormwatch . . .

And even in Swamp Thing that glow makes her stick out like a sore thumb.

Easter eggs? More like Christmas presents, brightly wrapped and stuck under the tree.

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