Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What Brings You Here?

Annnnnnd because I have little else to blog about today, I though I'd dip once more into what brings some people to my lowly corner of the blogosphere over the last week or so:

Hmmm, still getting a fair few people looking for eunuchs but for some reason there's a big influx of love for Giganta at the moment. Still, nice to see Johnny Alpha getting some appreciation, too.

In other news (blimey, it really is a slow day today) I've just checked the shopping list for this week and my first batch of New 52 titles is out: Green Arrow, Justice League International, Stormwatch and Swamp Thing.

Looking forward to the last three of those but JT Krul's going to have to improve on his run from the last series.

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