Friday, 2 October 2009

Friday Night Fights - Lady Larcenist

Spacebooger demands a fight end in feet flying fury so that's what he gets here as I thank DC Comics for their wonderful Crisis On Multiple Earths series of trade paperbacks as they save me a shed load of money getting those early, hard to find Justice League of America issues.

This time round, it's Wonder Woman vs Superwoman

A little competition, Superwoman? Surely the Amazon Princess can give you more than "a little"?

Oh no! Who'd have thought a villain called Superwoman would have . . . super-legs?!

A super-catapult!? Whatever next?!

Merciful Minerva indeed . . .

This charming tale of girl on girl action 60's style was taken from the reprints of Justice League of America in Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol 1 and was written by Gardner Fox with art by Mike Sekowsky.

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