Thursday, 18 June 2009

I Want It Now!

Just read this over at the Dan DiDio 20 questions piece at Newsarama:

9. A pretty simple question from a reader: Will we see Ambush Bug #6 before Blackest Night #1? 

DD: (laughs) It’s good that we hit this question every time. I know exactly where Ambush Bug #6 is - it’s still in the same place it is the last time I was asked this question. I might have put my money on "yes" for a while given those choices, but now, I’m going with 50/50. 

NRAMA: What’s the holdup? 

DD: We’re just working out some of the last changes on it, and right now, everybody’s plate is full, to be honest. We’re ready to roll with it as soon as Keith is ready to go - Keith’s been working vey hard on Doom Patrol and Magog, and really doing great stuff. Once he has that stuff in hand at reaches a point where he can catch his breath, we’ll get it out. 

NRAMA: So really, Keith just drew every character in every panel on every page flipping the bird? 

DD: (laughs) See, I only wish it was that interesting.

C'mon - give us our Ambush Bug #6!

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