Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Worrying Over Nothing?

I like Geoff Johns' work, I really do and with that in mind I find myself thinking that perhaps I should have a little more faith in him right now.

A week or two back the cover of this summer's Justice Society Of America Annual #1 was released with the strap line "Welcome To Earth-2"

As you can see, it shows Power Girl surrounded by various other heroes, all of whom appear to be the pre-Crisis On Infinite Earths versions of heroes who lived on the pre-COIE Earth-Two.

Much has been written about how the new, post-52 multiverse is not the same as the pre-COIE multiverse and yet here we see Power Girl being greeted like the long lost Kryptonian prodigal daughter.

While I can understand PG's apparent elation at finally finding a facsimile of the world she originally inhabited, I can't quite fathom why this Earth-2's Robin, Huntress and the others are so pleased to see her.

If this Earth-2 isn't the same as the old Earth-Two then they're different people. Even if this Earth-2 has lost it's Power Girl (as foreshadowed at the end of 52) our PG isn't theirs!

And this is where I really need to take a break and relax - Power Girl's one of my favourite characters and Geoff Johns is one of my favourite writers so I really should just trust the guy. After all, he sorted out the mess of her continuity (by ignoring 20 years' worth of half-assed ideas) so she should be in safe hands.

Don't let me down, Geoff . . .

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