Saturday, 26 April 2008

Power Girl Ongoing Series Announced!

Isn't synchronicity a wonderful thing?

No sooner do I post a Friday Night Fight featuring the adventures of Power Girl from her less than auspicious 1988 mini-series than I read the splendid news that the oft-rumoured ongoing series is actually going to happen.

And what's even better news is the creative team behind it: Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray will be writing while art will be by the superb Amanda Conner.

Conner's take on the character in the four issue Power Trip storyline in JSA Classified won her praise from all corners a couple of years ago and to have her back, working on PG is great news. Palmiotti and Gray can be trusted to deliver a damn good story (as evidenced in the marvelous Uncle Sam And The Freedom Fighters among others) which all adds up to a series I can't wait to see.

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