Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The League That Never Was

While hunting through my old copies of Who's Who, trying to track down the identity of a character in the hardback edition of Infinite Crisis, I came across this picture of the Justice League in Who's Who Update '87 #3.
With the relaunch of the title - after the less than brilliant Legends crossover - most of the old guard were swept away, not to mention the new guard that had recently replaced them in the first place.

By the time this issue saw print (cover date is Oct '87) most of the characters shown weren't even members of the League any more; hell, Captain Atom and the Creeper weren't even members at the time, Steel was literally in pieces and comatose and Vibe and the Flash were dead!

Given the lead in time on comics, I can't help wondering if this was put together almost as a wish list. Maybe it was drawn (by the excellent Kevin Maguire and Terry Austin) before the League's membership had been finalised . . . ?

In all likelihood, this was done simply for the two page spread in Who Who's Update '87 #3 and nothing more which is a shame. I for one would loved to have seen Vibe and Captain Marvel on the same team.

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