Saturday, 8 September 2007

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #1

Well first off I have got to come up with a better title for these semi-regular babblings than My Week In Comics. Another day, though.

Normally any week that contains something by Garth Ennis - as this week did with The Boys #10 - would mean I'd focus on that; I like the guy's work and will pick up just about anything he puts out, even the less than fantastic things like Ghost Rider or 7 Brothers. As you can probably tell by the picture, though, the comic that really got to me was The Atom.

Since its launch following Infinite Crisis, Gail Simone's writing has never failed to make me smile, particularly when dealing with the miniature aliens that live on the Atom's dog's back. The adoption by the Atom of a floating head left behind by the aliens is just weird enough to work and the scene in this issue of the head shouting "Have heroism or death!" as it helps one of the Atom's friends attack two giant monsters is priceless.

And how is the problem of two giant monsters faced? Well, the Atom uses his head while one of his colleagues offers a more simplistic approach as shown on the right: A + B = C(atastrophe)

Who'd like a cocktail, indeed?

Actually, that's not a bad title for these posts...

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