Friday, 11 July 2008

Friday Night Fights - Ghostly Goings On!

Back in the mid-90's, Dark Horse Comics weren't solely producing top-notch movie tie-in comics, oh no. They had their own universe going, including Ghost, a title featuring . . . a ghost, actually. Elisa Cameron, undead avenger and protector of the innocent, or in the case of her sister Margo, the not quite so innocent.

Elisa tracks Margo down to the dingy set of a homemade . . . discerning gentleman's movie, the sort of thing that nowadays gets put on the internet.
Unfortunately, Margo is due to be the psionically induced star of this production, a fact which doesn't sit well with Ghost.
One of the handy things about being a ghost is being able to move through things; one of the handy things about being Ghost is being able to move porno actors through things and leave them there.
And Ghost proves she's willing to go through her own personal hell and back to rescue her sister from the scum holding her hostage.
And what thanks does she get . . .

In the following issue, Ghost enlists Bahlactus to teach her whining sister a lesson!

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  1. Did you happen to notice in the last posted panel that the man in the hat sort of, but not really, resembles Steven Spielberg?


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