Sunday, 9 December 2007

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #12

Seriously, I considered giving myself some rules with this blog and in particular the Cocktail posts. I thought that maybe I shouldn't select consecutive issues of the same title for the Cocktail, for example, so that other titles could get a look in. But to be honest, this is me enjoying myself with comics and these posts are about the comics I've enjoyed most in any given week.

Justice League Of America #15 was just one long fight that turned out to be set before Green Arrow's and Black Canary's wedding and where Canary's orders were ignored by Batman and only begrudgingly followed by Wonder Woman. It also showed Fatality's prosthetic arm bleeds and that, after the dust settles, Batman still has zero respect for Canary's leadership by telling Firestorm he's joined the League with no recourse to Canary at all. I greeted McDuffie's arrival with cautious optimism and, a few issues in, it seems I was too optimistic.

Both Justice Society Of America #11 and the new Countdown Arena #1 were enjoyable, though it really does appear that Dale Eaglesham, penciller on JSoA, has a problem drawing Power Girl's chest. In the previous issue and this one she spends most of her time with her back to the camera as it were.

But, again, for the third consecutive issue, the title that made me smile the most was The Atom #18. Gail Simone consistently packs energy, action and humour into this title and makes me consider picking up her run on Wonder Woman.

With Wonder Woman herself still helping the Atom out, there's plenty of time for lust and awe based humour. Like others before him, Atom can't help but babble away around her, telling her - almost against his will - of his innermost secrets . . . like the dream he had where Wonder Woman and Power Girl . . .

With the town under the sway of the Ruffian - the character seen in the previous issue swapping brains and bodies - Atom is attacked by his neighbours and his best friend, Panda, who manage to subdue both him and, temporarily at least, Wonder Woman as well.

In a piece of writing that borders on genius, Panda explains that the council of Ivy Town wouldn't let them build a bonfire on which to burn the Atom, so they had to improvise.

To the Atom's consternation, his neighbours are planning to burn him on a Ted Grant Grease-Grabbin' Grill which has a little tray to catch all the fat! If you don't get the joke you not only need to read more comics but also shop for more electrical goods! As he's placed on the grill and suffering from concussion he can't help admiring the flexibility of the patented, non-stick coating!

Thankfully, Wonder Woman wakes in plenty of time, not only to rescue the Atom from a lethal grilling but also to identify the culprit and help Atom take the Ruffian down.

The big surprise is left for the last page, though, when Wonder Woman reveals that she has been judging him throughout her encounter and, at the end, offers him a seat - literally - on the Justice League.

Now if we can get Gail Simone to write Justice League Of America, all would be right with the world.

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