Friday, 5 October 2007

I'll try not to have this turn into an advertisement but I've been swapping e-mails with one of the guys at about their online database.

I've been using the software to catalogue my collection for a good couple of years and it's a great piece of kit; a while back they launched an online database so users could download details of comics they have (or just want) straight into their db. As I'd customised my database, I didn't really bother with the online one but I noticed a week or two back that they were looking for more plot descriptions for the issues.

As that's something I've been doing for some time, I got in touch and sent them some samples. Turns out they like what I'm doing and my plots (and some of my cover scans) are going to be integrated into the online database.

It's nice to play my little part and add to a community piece of work that others can then use and I just thought I'd share that!

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